About Sirmium Fruit

Sirmium Fruit was founded in 2012 in the northwest of Serbia’s Srem region. Today it has achieved the goal it set itself on its first day – to be the largest producer and exporter of nectarines in the country. Dedicated work and extensive plantations on the fertile soil of the slopes of Mt Fruška Gora have resulted in a product that meets the needs and requirements of customers worldwide.

Sirmium Fruit has to date exported hundreds of tonnes of nectarines of the highest quality, primarily to Russia. The fruits grown using the most modern farming techniques, drip irrigation systems, and anti-hail nets.

In its 150-hectare orchards, Sirmium Fruit grows several varieties of yellow and white-flesh and early, middle, and late ripening nectarines. Annual production is 3,000 tonnes of the fruit.

Constantly developing, modernising, innovating, and expanding its production, Sirmium Fruit saw blueberries as a new challenge.

The blueberry plantation was positioned on the advice of experts. At 220 meters above sea level, on a gentle slope of 3 to 5 percent, the bushes are fully exposed to the sun and have good water and air drainage. Sirmium Fruit’s blueberries are grown in a hydroponic system, planted in pots and in fully controlled conditions. The warm and sunny Serbian summers help the annual production reach about 1,000 tonnes.

Blueberries bearing the mark ‘MADE IN SERBIA, SIRMIUM FRUIT ŠID’ are enjoyed by customers in Russia, the EU, and the United Arab Emirates.

First-rate growing technology, top quality blueberries, and excellent marketing are complemented by world-class storage infrastructure, ensuring the berries reach end-users in perfect condition, wherever on the globe they may be.

Top-quality fruit and customer satisfaction have been and remain priorities for Sirmium Fruit.

Zlatka Šnajdera 2, 22 240 Šid,